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    World Map / Information About Russia

    Information About Russia

    About Russia

    Russia is a nation in the northern of eurassia.It is one the most sparsely populated countries in the world. It has its capital city at Moscow. Being recognized by its official language [RUSSIAN], Russia has 35 other languages co-officials in other regions. There are 11 ethnic groups in Russia with only 6 of them known as the major ones. these are; Russian 81%,Tatar 3.7%,Ukraine 1.4%,Bashkir 1.1%,Chuvash1.0% and Chechen 0.8%. Russia is a federal semi-presidential constitutional republic.

    History of Russia

    The history of Russia dates back from 800-1200BC.like many people of other countries, Russians have a marked migratory character. Dating the ancient Russsia, it was not “Russia’ but a collection of cities that gradually pooled into an empire. By 989, Oleg’s great grandson Vladimir ruled the kingdom that extended to as far south as the black sea, Caucasus Mountains and the lower ridges of river Volga. In the mid-13th century, the Russians were invaded by the Mongol horde. By 1480, Moscow liberated itself from Tatar yoke. In 1613, the Rurik reign ended and Romanov dynasty begun and ended in 1917.in 1922 the USSR established and Gobarchev introduced political and economic reforms. By 2000, putin was elected as the president of Russia.

    Geography of Russia

    Russia is an immense territorial state and is the northernmost large and populous country in the world with less than 150 million people. It has an area of 10672000 sq.miles.it is a multicultural nation comprising of few ports. It is divided into longitudinal and latitudinal extents where by the northern (Rudolf Island in France josephs land) and southern points (Grozny in west and Vladivostok in east) make up for the latitudinal extent. Basically it is divided into; the core region-has most of Russia’s population and most industries, the eastern frontier-is a region of planned cities, industrial plants and raw material processing centers, Siberia-it refers to Russian Ural mountains ,the far east-located across the strait from Japan, Southern Russia-is a region dominated by the Caucasus mountains and others.

    Climate of Russia

    Russian climate is highly continentally influenced. It has warm to hot dry summers and very cold winters with temperatures of -30c and lower and sometimes there is a marked heavy snowfall. There are so many natural resources in Russia some of them being scenic features for tourist attraction. This put Russia in a better position among the developed countries. These resources account for 95.7% of Russia’s national affluence.

    Natural Resources in Russia

    There are large deposits of fuel and natural resources namely; natural gas, oil, coal and uranium, nickel, platinum, tin tungsten and others.

    Tourist Attraction in Russia

    Russia has top 10 locations which also serve as major tourist attraction sites. These are:
    • St.petersburg (the cultural northern Palmyra)
    • Moscow(magnificence and poverty the Russian way)
    • Kazan(oldest capital city)
    • The golden ring(onion domed churches)
    • Novgorod veliky(its own architect)
    • Volga cruise(music playing on board)
    • Lake Baikal(the pearl of Siberia)
    • Yekaterinburg(traditional churches and soviet anti-grade)
    • Sochi(from all union health to the Olympic capital)
    • Trans-Siberian railway(I will come back)

    Famous Hotels in Russia

    Among the most well known restaurants in Russia are: the Ritz-Carlton(Moscow),hotel baltschug Kaminski(Moscow),Ararat park Hyatt Moscow, Hilton Moscow leningradskaya,corinthia hotel st.petersburg,barvikha hotel and spa, hotel Astoria st.petersburg,four seasons hotel lion palace st.petersburg,grand hotel europe,w st.petersburg.

    Russia Cuisine

    Russians have a rich culture history. They as well have strong traditions and influential arts, especially literature, philosophy, classical music, ballet, archtecture, painting, cinema and animation. There are four major Russian festivals:
    1. Flying in to Russia,
    2. Novyy god/new year,
    3. Maslenitsa (pancake week) and,
    4. Easter.

    International and Domestic Airports in Russia

    Air transport in Russia is offered by federal air transport agency. There are different airports in Russia:
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    Facts about Russia

    Independence DayOctober 22, 1721
    ClimateHumid Continental, Subarctic and Tundra
    Area17,075,400 sq km
    CurrencyRuble (RUB)
    Dialling Code7
    NeighboursAzerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Ukraine

    Flag of Russian-federation