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    World Map / Norway Map / Airports in Norway / Airports in Orland, Norway

    Airports in Orland(Norway)

    Orland Airport in Orland

    Map Showing the location of Orland Airport, Orland. Click on the marker for Information about Orland Airport - its Country, Country Code, Airport Code.

    Find Airports

    Table shows the List of Airports in Norway along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in Norway

    CityAirportAirport Code
    Roros Roros Airport RRS
    Oslo Oslo Gardermoen Airport OSL
    Vardoe Vardoe Airport VAW
    Haugesund Haugesund Airport HAU
    Farsund Lista Airport FAN
    Maloy Maloy Harbour Airport QFQ
    Longyearbyen Svalbard Airport LYR
    Mehamn Mehamn Airport MEH
    Orsta Volda Hovden Airport HOV
    Andenes Andoya Lufthavn Andenes Airport ANX
    Sandnes Sandnes Rail St Airport XKC
    Hammerfest Hammerfest Airport HFT
    Alta Alta Airport ALF
    Floro Flora Airport FRO
    Aalesund Vigra Airport AES
    Bardufoss Bardufoss Airport BDU
    Hasvik Hasvik Airport HAA
    Sorkjosen Sorkjosen Airport SOJ
    Storekvina Storekvina Railway Airport XUV
    Stord Stord Airport SRP
    Rygge Moss Airport RYG
    Mo I Rana Mo I Rana Airport MQN
    Molde Aro Airport MOL
    Selje Selje Harbour Airport QFK
    Svalbard Spitsberg Airport SYG
    Fagernes Valdres Lufthavn Leirin Airport VDB
    Storen Storen Railway Airport XUW
    Geilo Dagali Airport DLD
    Bergen Bergen Airport Flesland Airport BGO
    Leknes Leknes Airport LKN
    Stavanger Sola Airport SVG
    Vadso Vadso Airport VDS
    Notodden Notodden Airport NTB
    Orland Orland Airport OLA
    Honningsvag Valan Airport HVG
    Bodo Bodo Airport BOO
    Svolvaer Helle Airport SVJ
    Sogndal Haukasen Airport SOG
    Sandane Sandane Airport SDN
    Trondheim Varnes Airport TRD
    Bronnoysund Bronnoy Airport BNN
    Rost Stolport Airport RET
    Kirkenes Hoeybuktmoen Airport KKN
    Mosjoen Kjaerstad Airport MJF
    Hamar Hamar Arpt Airport HMR
    Vaeroy Stolport Not operational Airport VRY
    Harstad narvik Evenes Airport EVE
    Stokmarknes Skagen Airport SKN
    Kristiansand Kjevik Airport KRS
    Lakselv Banak Airport LKL
    Berlevag Berlevag Airport BVG
    Gol Klanten Arpt Airport GLL
    Forde Bringeland Airport FDE
    Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport KSU
    Roervik Ryumsjoen Airport RVK
    Batsfjord Batsfjord Airport BJF
    Tromso Tromso langnes Airport TOS
    Skien Skien Airport SKE
    Torp Sandefjord Airport TRF
    Sandnessjoen Stokka Airport SSJ