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    World Map / Greenland Map / Airports in Greenland / Tasiuasaq Harbour Airport in Greenland

    Tasiuasaq Harbour Airport, Greenland

    Information about Tasiuasaq Harbour Airport in Greenland

    CountryGreenland Country CodeGL
    AirportTasiuasaq Harbour AirportAirport CodeXEQ

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    Tasiuasaq Harbour Airport in Greenland

    Map Showing the location of Tasiuasaq Harbour Airport in Greenland along with its City, Country, Country Code, Airport Code. Mouse over on marker for Information about Tasiuasaq Harbour Airport.

    Greenland Airports

    Table shows the List of Airports in Greenland along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in Greenland

    AirportAirport CodeCity
    Pituffik AirportTHUPituffik
    Attu Heliport AirportQGQAttu
    Iginniarfik Heliport AirportQFIIginniarfik
    Tasiuasaq Harbour AirportXEQTasiuasaq
    Ilimanaq Harbour AirportXIQIlimanaq
    Qaqortoq Heliport AirportJJUQaqortoq
    Kangaatsiaq Heliport AirportQPWKangaatsiaq
    Ikerasaarsuk Heliport AirportQRYIkerasaarsuk
    Uummannaq AirportUMDUummannaq
    Ikamiut Heliport AirportQJIIkamiut
    Upernavik Heliport AirportJUVUpernavik
    Kulusuk AirportKUSKulusuk
    Qaanaaq AirportNAQQaanaaq
    Akunnaaq Heliport AirportQCUAkunnaaq
    Kangerlussuaq AirportSFJKangerlussuaq
    Arsuk AirportJRKArsuk
    Nuuk AirportGOHNuuk
    Maniitsoq Heliport AirportJSUManiitsoq
    Frederikshab AirportJFRPaamiut
    Qasigiannguit AirportJCHQasigiannguit
    Saqqaq Heliport AirportQUPSaqqaq
    Oqatsut Harbour AirportXEOOqatsut
    Niaqornaarsuk Heliport AirportQMKNiaqornaarsuk
    Qaarsut AirportJQAQaarsut
    Groennedal Heliport AirportJGRGroennedal
    Qeqertarsuaq AirportJGOQeqertarsuaq
    Ittoqqortoormiit AirportOBYIttoqqortoormiit
    Kitsissuarsuit Heliport AirportQJEKitsissuarsuit
    Alluitsup Paa AirportLLUAlluitsup Paa
    Aasiaat AirportJEGAasiaat
    Dundas AirportDUNDundas
    Ilulissat AirportJAVIlulissat
    Sisimiut AirportJHSSisimiut
    Tasiilaq AirportAGMTasiilaq