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    World Map / Elections / United Kingdom Election Result 2015

    United Kingdom General Election Result 2015

    Date of General Elections in United Kingdom

    United Kingdom Date of Elections : Thursday 7 May 2015.

    United Kingdom General Elections 2015 - 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom

    Last General Elections held in United Kingdom on 6th May 2010. Dissolution of the present 55th Parliament of United Knigdom on 30 March 2015. The United Kingdom has 650 parliamentary constituencies, each of which is represented by one Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. The Term of General Elections in United Kingdom is 5 Years. When Parliament is Dissolved (in every five years), every seat becomes vacant in House of Commons and these seats are filled by a Member of parliament with the General Election. The Political parties which have majority of seats in House of Commons forms the Government. when Parliament is dissolved, The Old Government remains in Charge till New Government forms. Essential business must carry on and old government ministers remain in charge of their departments until after the result of the election is known. After the result of Elections the party which gets majority forms a new administration.

    During the period between dissolution and polling day, however, the Government suspends any advertising campaigns and refrains from major policy decisions or announcements. This was known as ‘purdah’ but is now usually called the pre-election period.

    United Knigdom General Elections Results 2010

    PartySeatsSeats %Votes %Votes
    Liberal Democrat629.522.15985454
    Plaid Cymru20.30.6174838

    England General Elections Results 2010

    PartySeatsVotes %
    Liberal Democrat43607618924.2
    English Democrats0648260.3
    Health Concern0161500.1
    National Front0104000
    Socialist Labour043680

    Major Political Parties in United Kingdom

    List of Major Political Parties in United Kingdom for General Elections 2015.
    • Labour Party (572 candidates in 2010, includes 36 Labour Co-operative candidates)
    • Conservative Party (572 candidates)
    • Liberal Democrats (572 candidates)
    • Plaid Cymru (40 candidates)
    • Respect - The Unity Coalition (10 candidates)
    • Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern (1 candidate)
    • Speaker (1 candidate)

    List of General Elections in United Kingdom

    The table below list the Elections held in United Kingdom from 1802 to 2010 in Latest order.
    ElectionDateWinning Party
    2010May 6, 2010Conservative
    2005May 5, 2005Labour
    2001Jun 7, 2001Labour
    1997May 1, 1997Labour
    1992Apr 9, 1992Conservative
    1987Jun 11, 1987Conservative
    1983Jun 9, 1983Conservative
    1979May 3, 1979Conservative
    October 1974Oct 10, 1974Labour
    February 1974Feb 28, 1974Labour
    1970Jun 18, 1970Conservative
    1966Mar 31, 1966Labour
    1964Oct 15, 1964Labour
    1959Oct 8, 1959Conservative
    1955May 26, 1955Conservative
    1951Oct 25, 1951Conservative
    1950Feb 23, 1950Labour
    1945Jul 5, 1945Labour
    1935Nov 14, 1935Conservative
    1931Oct 27, 1931National Labour
    1929May 30, 1929Labour
    1924Oct 29, 1924Conservative
    1923Dec 6, 1923Conservative, Labour
    1922Nov 15, 1922Conservative
    1918Dec 14, 1918Liberal, Conservative
    January 1910Feb 15, 1910Liberal
    December 1910Jan 31, 1911Liberal
    1906Feb 13, 1906Liberal
    1900Dec 3, 1900Conservative, Liberal
    1895Aug 12, 1895Conservative
    1892Aug 4, 1892Conservative, Liberal
    1886Aug 5, 1886Conservative
    1885Jan 12, 1886Conservative, Liberal
    1880Apr 29, 1880Liberal, Conservative
    1874Mar 5, 1874Conservative
    1868Dec 10, 1868Liberal
    1865Jul 11, 1865Liberal, Conservative
    1859May 31, 1859Conservative, Liberal
    1857Apr 30, 1857Whig, Conservative
    1852Nov 4, 1852Conservative, Peelite, Whig
    1847Aug 9, 1847Whig, Conservative
    1841Aug 19, 1841Whig, Conservative, Whig
    1837Nov 15, 1837Whig
    1835Feb 19, 1835Conservative, Whig
    1832Jan 29, 1833Whig, Conservative
    1831Jul 25, 1831Whig
    1830Aug 9, 1830Tory, Whig
    1826Jun 19, 1826Tory
    1820Jan 16, 1821Tory
    1818Aug 4, 1818Tory
    1812Nov 24, 1812Tory
    1807Jun 22, 1807Tory
    1806Nov 17, 1806Whig, Tory
    1802Jul 22, 1802Tory, Whig
    Last Updated : February 07, 2015