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    Malviya Nagar Assembly Election Results, Delhi

    Click for Assembly Wise Results

    Winners Candidate from Malviya Nagar Assembly

    AAPSomnath Bharti(Winner)51196

    Malviya Nagar Assembly Elections Latest News

    In Malviya Nagar AAP wins by 15897 votes from BJP.Updated on : 2015-02-10 16:27:37
    AAP Somnath is leading in Malviya NagarUpdated on : 2015-02-10 08:16:43

    Malviya Nagar Candidate List 2015

    Table shows the List of Candidates contesting Elections from Malviya Nagar Assembly Constituency, Delhi.
    Smt. Nandani SharmaBhartiya Janta Party
    Somnath BhartiAam Admi Party
    Dr Yoganand ShastriIndian National Congress

    Malviya Nagar Assembly Election Result

    YearA.C No.AssemblyTypeWinnerSexPartyVoteRunner UpSexPartyVote
    201543Malviya NagarGENSomnath BhartiMAAP51196Dr. Nandani SharmaFBJP35299
    201343Malviya NagarGENSomnath BhartiMAAP32258Ms. Arti MehraFINC24486
    200843Malviya NagarGENProf.(Smt.) Kiran WaliaFINC31283Ram BhajMBJP27551
    20038Malviya NagarGENDr. Yoganand ShastriMINC25448Monika AroraFBJP20928
    19988Malviya NagarGENDr. Yoganand ShastriMINC30910Rajendra GuptaMBJP22946
    19938Malviya NagarGENRajendra GuptaMBJP19319Yoga Nand ShastriMINC19061
    198311Malviya NagarGENHans Raj SethiMBJP19987Yoga Nath ShastriMINC19295
    197711Malviya NagarGENHans Raj SethiMJNP20037Prem Singh ChauhanMINC10945

    Localities in Malviya Nagar Assembly Constituency

    LocalityAreas under the Locality
    Adhchini & Ncert Adchini Village, T.B.Hospital Arvindo Marg, Aurbindo Apartment, Nepa, Type-II Staff Quaters Ncert, Type-III Staff Quarter Ncert, Type-Iv, Staff Quarter Ncert, Type-V, Staff Quarter Ncert
    Arjun Nagar Arjun Nagar, Gurudwara Sadh Sangat Arjun Nagar ; Arjun Nagar, Csc-T Huts Arjun Nagar
    Begum Pur Village Begum Pur Village, Begumpur Park; Balmiki Camp , Begum Pur ; Indira Camp , Begum Pur
    Gautam Nagar Hardev Puri Gautam Nagar, Father Agnel School Gautam Nagar, Hardev Puri National Chest Institutnal ; Gujjar Nagar Gautam Nagar, Prajapat Nagar Gautam Nagar, Shiv Mandir Gautam Nagar ; Manohar Kunj Gautam Nagar
    Geetanjali & Malviya Nagar Block-E , Geetanjali, Block-F , Geetanjali, Block-1 , Malviya Nagar, Block-2 , Malviya Nagar, Block-3 ,Malviya Nagar, Block-4 , Malviya Nagar, Block-5 , Malviya Nagar, Block-6 , Malviya Nagar, Block-E/6 , Malviya Nagar, Gita Mandir ,Malviya Nagar
    Navjivan Vihar Navjiwan Co-Operative , Housing Society, Block-A , Geetanjali Enclave, Block-B , Geetanjali Enclave, Block-C , Geetanjali Enclave, Block-D , Geetanjali Enclave, Block-E ,Mandir Geetanjali Enclave, Block-E , Water Pump Geetanjali Enclave, Navjeevan Vihar , Jhuggi
    Green Park Extension Block-C Green Park Extension, Block-H Green Park Extension, Block-J Green Park Extension, Block-K Green Park Extension, Block-M Green Park Extension, Gskv Green Park Extension ; Block-V Green Park Extension, Block-P Green Park Extension, Block-Q Green Park Extension, Block-R Green Park Extension, Block-S Green Park Extension, Block-T Green Park Extension, Block-F Green Park Extension, Block-G Green Park Extension, Block-U Green Park Extension
    Green Park Main Block- A Green Park Main, Block- B Green Park Main, Block- C Green Park Main, Block- D Green Park Main, Block- E Green Park Main, Block-F Green Park Main, Block-G Green Park Main, Block-H Green Park Main, Block-J Green Park Main, Block- K Green Park Main, Block-L Green Park Main, Block-M Green Park Main, Block-N Green Park Main, Block-S Green Park Main, Block-T Green Park Main, Block-R Green Park Main, Block-U Green Park Main, Block-V Green Park Main, Block-W Green Park Main, Block-X Green Park Main, Block-Y Green Park Main, General Taxi Stand Green Park Main
    Gulmohar Enclave DDA Markets Gulmohar Enclave, Gulmohar Enclave, Servant Qrts Gulmohar Enclave, Garages Gulmohar Enclave,
    Gulmohar Park Block-A Gulmohar Park, Block B Gulmohar Park, Block-C Gulmohar Park, Block-D Gulmohar Park, DDA Flat Gautam Appt Gulmohar Park, DDA Flat Gautam Appt,Gautam Nagar
    Hauz Khas SFS DDA Flats Hauz Khas, SFS DDA Flats Servents Qrts Hauz Khas, Block-A Hauz Khas, Block-B Hauz Khas, Block B-1 Hauz Khas, Block-C,D,H,R Hauz Khas, Block-A,Hauz Khas Enclave ; Block-C Hauz Khas, Block-D Hauz Khas, Tc 24 Hauz Khas, Nipced Flats Hauz Khas, Block-E Hauz Khas, Block-D Hauz Khas, Block-G Hauz Khas, Block-H Hauz Khas, Block-M Hauz Khas, Shri Aurobindo Marg, Block-X Hauz Khas, Block-Y Hauz Khas, Block-Z Hauz Khas, Block-Y Hauz Khas, Block- K Hauz Khas Enclave, Block-P Huaz Khas Enclave, Block- Q Hauz Khas Enclave, Sri Gaudiya Math Hauz Khas Enclave, officer'S Flat,Telephone Exchange Hauz Khas, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas Village Phari Basti, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas Village, Pahari Basti Hauz Khas Village, T Huts Pahari Basti
    Hauz Rani Hauz Rani, Block E-11 , Hauz Rani, Block E- 12 , Hauz Rani, Block E-13 Hauz Rani,
    Humayun Pur Village Humayun Pur Village
    IIt Campus Block -B I.I.T Campus, Street-H I.I.T Campus, Street-I I.I.T Campus, Street-J I.I.T Campus, IIt Campus, Block-B I.I.T Campus, Block-C I.I.T Campus, I.I.T Campus Central Avenue And Pir Lodge, Block-D I.I.T Campus, Street-M I.I.T Campus, Street-N I.I.T Campus, Sarvent Qtr Street-C I.I.T Campus, West Avenue I.I.T Campus, I.I.T Campus, 1 IIt Campus, 1 IIt Campus, 1 West-Avenue IIt Campus, 1 North Avenue IIt Campus, Block-A I.I.T Campus, Block-B IIt Campus, Nalanda Hostel I.I.T Campus, New Campus I.I.T Campus, Mini Campus I.I.T Campus, Dhobi Ghat I.I.T Campus, Solar House I.I.T Campus, Indira Prastha Apartment I.I.T Campus, Vaishali I.I.T Campus, Takshila I.I.T Campus, Satsang Vihar New Mehrauli Road, Fai-Deaf New Mehrauli Road, Ins Doc New Mehrauli Road, Nipfp Satsang Vihar Marg,Special Institutional Area ; Vikram Shila Apartment, IIt Campus
    Jia Sarai Jia Sarai Village
    Kalu Sarai Village Kalu Sarai Village, DDA SFS Flats Kalu Sarai New Delhi-17, DDA Janta Flats Temple Kalu Sara Village
    Khirki Village Khirki Village, Psd Mandir, Khirki Village, Block -N ,Khirki Village, Block-S , Khirki Village, Block T Khirki Village,
    Krishna Nagar Krishna Nagar, Gali No-1 Krishna Nagar, Gali No-2 Krishna Nagar, Gali No-3 Krishna Nagar, Gali No-4 Krishna Nagar, Gali No-5 Krishna Nagar, Gali No-6 Krishna Nagar,
    Malviya Nagar Block-8 ; Block-9 ; Block-10 ; Block -11 ; Block-12 ; Block-13 ,Malviya Nagar, Block-14 ; Block-15 ; Block-16 ; Block-C Malviya Nagar, Block-17 ; Block-18 ; Block-19 ; Block-A ; Taxi Stand Malviya Nagar, Laxmi Narain Mandir ; Block-P Malviya Nagar, Block-M ; Block-B Malviya Nagar, Block-90 ; Shops ; Hanuman Mandir , Market Malviya Nagar, Block-90 ; Block-Nil ,Malviya Nagar, Block-Nil ; Block E-1 ; Block E-2 ; Block-7 ; Block-D ; Shop Market ; Block-80 ; Block-L ,Malviya Nagar, Bock- L ; Block E-3 ; Block E-7 ; Block E-8 ; Block E-9 ; Gurudwara Singh Sabha ; Block E-4 ; Block E-5 ; Block-L ; Block-L ; Block H-13 ; Block H-14 ; Block H-15 ; Block H-16 ; Block H-17 ; Block H-18 ; Block -80 ; Overseas Elector, Block G-1 ; Block G-2 ; Block G-5 ; Block-M ; Staff Quarters , Govt Ss School Malviya Nagar, Block-80 ; Toot Sarai ; Ganapati Appartment , Toot Sarai, Block-M ; Block-N ; Block B-1 ,Malviya Nagar, Block B-1 ,Malviya Nagar, Shamshan Ghat Malviya Nagar, Block G-3 ; Block G-4 ; Block-K ; Block- L ; Block H-1 ; Block-H,5 Malviya Nagar, Block H-6 ; Block H-8 ; Block H-11 ; Block H-12 ; Block G-6 ; Block G-7 ; Block G-8 ; Block G-9 ; Block G-10 ; Block G-11 ; Block G-12 ; Block G-13 ; Block G-14 ; Block G-15 ; 1 Block G-16 ; 1 Block G-17 ; Block H-2 ,Malviya Nagar, Block H-3 ; Block H-4 ; Block H-7 ; Block H-9 ; Block H-10 ; Block F-2 ; Block F-5 ; Block F-6 ; Block F-1 ; Block F-3 ; Block F-4 ; Block F-7 ; Block F-8 ; Block F-9 ; Block F-10 Malviya Nagar, Block F-11 ; Block F-12 Malviya Nagar
    Masjid Moth Masjid Moth, Block -K ( Ndse II Masjid Moth, Block-G Ndse II Masjid Moth, Staff Qrts Staff Qrts AIIms, Block-N , Block S, AIIms Hostel, Resident Doctors Hostel,Masjid Moth AIIms ;
    May Fair Garden Police Quarters, Police Station Hauz Khas, May Fair Appartment Hauz Khas, May Fair Garden Hauz Khas, R.B.I Qrts Hauz Khas, Delhi Police officer Flats Hauz Khas,
    MMTC Colony Block-B , MMTC Colony, Block-C , MMTC Colony, Block-D , MMTC Colony, Block-A , Handloom Housing Colony Stc, Taxi Stand , Mmtc Stc Colony, Staff Quarters , Gbsss Stc MMTC Colony, Stc/MMTC Colony Shops, Staff Quarters , Aurbindo College, Block-E , MMTC Colony, Temple , Stc MMTC Colony,
    Navketan Group Housing Society Block A-1,A-2 Navketan G/H Society( Kalu Sarai), Block- B Navketan G/H Society Kalu Sarai, DDA SFS Flats Vijay Mandal Enclave, Clara Niwas Kalu Sarai, T- Huts Kalu Sarai, Plot Shop Kalu Sarai
    Ncert Ncert Type-1, Ncert Type II, Ncert Type III; L B S Vidhyapath New Mehrauli Rd, L.B.S Hostel New Mehrauli Road, Block-B Institutional Area New Mehrauli Rd, T.Huts Gn Temple Inst Area Mehrauli Rd
    Niti Bagh Block-A Niti Bagh, Block-C Niti Bagh, Block-B Niti Bagh, SFS DDA Flats Niti Bagh
    Padmini Enclave Padmini Enclave, Block- R Hauz Khas Enclave, Block- F Hauz Khas Enclave, Block- L Hauz Khas Enclave, Block- Q Hauz Khas Enclave, Block- J Hauz Khas Enclave,
    Police Training School Pts Mehrauli Road Type I, Pts Mehrauli Road Type I, Pts Mehrauli Road Type II, Pts Mehrauli Road Type I, Pts Mehrauli Raod Type II, Pts Mehrauli Road Type III,
    Qutub Institutional Area Isi Staff Quarters Opp Katwaria Sarai, Qutab Institutional Area, Nreb Staff Quarters Katwaria Sarai Opp, Isi Staff Quarters Opp Katwaria Sarai
    Safdarjung Development Area Bhim Nagri Block C-1 Safdarjung Development Area, Block C-2 Safdarjung Development Area, Cghs Safdarjung Development Area, Adya Jha Hostel Bhim Nagri (S D A), Jagan Nath Mandir Safdarjung Development Area, Block C-3 Safdarjung Development Area, Block C-4 Safdarjung Development Area, DDA Flats Safdarjung Development Area, Block-D Safderjung Development Area, Block-E Safdarjung Development Area, Block-F Safdarjung Development Area, Block-G Safdarjung Development Area, Block-H DDA Flats Safdarjung Development Area, Block-J DDA Flats Safdarjung Development Area, Block-K Bhim Nagri S D A DDA Flats, Block-L Bhim Nagri S D A DDA Flats, Block C-5 Safdarjung Development Area, Block C-6 Safdarjung Development Area, Usha Niketan Bhim Nagari(S D A), St. Anthony Senior Secondry School Sda, Block C-7 Safdarjung Development Area
    Safdarjung Enclave Block- A 1 Safdarjung Enclave, Safdarjung Enclave Hill Grove Public School, Block-Ab Safdarjung Enclave, Shop S Safdarjung Enclave, Ab Pnb Safdarjung Enclave, Safdarjung Hospital Staff Quarters, Safdarjung Hospital Garrage, Shanti Avedna Sadan, 1 Factory Road, Ring Road ; Block A-2 Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-2 Safdarjung Enclave, B-2 Matri Mandir Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-2 Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-1 Safdarjung Enclave, B-2 Ext Safdarjung Enclave, DDA Janta Flats Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-3 Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-4 Safdarjung Enclave, Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-4 Safdarjung Enclave, Block -B-4 Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-5 Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-6 Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-6 Extn Safdarjung.Enclave, Block B-7 Safdarjung Enclave, DDA Flats, Safdarjung Enclave, Block B-7 Extn Safdarjung Enclave
    Sarvodaya Enclave Block-A , Sarvodaya Enclave, Block-B , Sarvodaya Enclave, Block-C , Sarvodaya Enclave, Block-D Sarvodya Enclave, Block- G Sarvodya Enclave, Sri Aurobindo Ashram , Sarvodya Enclave, Block-B , Sarvodaya Enclave, Block-C , Sarvodaya Enclave, Block-D , Sarvodaya Enclave, Adarsh Farm Sarvodya Enlcave, Block-D ,Temple Sarvodya Enclave, Block-A ,Water Tank Sarvodya Enclave, Block-D ,Gurudwara , Sarvodya Enclave,
    Sarvpriya Vihar Sarvpriya Vihar, DDA Csp House Sarvpriya Vihar, MCD School Sarvpriya Vihar, Sarvpriya Vihar, Bhavishya Nidhi Enclave, Sarvpriya Appartment,
    Shivalik Block-A , Shivalik, Block-B , Shivalik, Block-C , Shivalik, DDA Flats Near Block C Shivalik
    Sona Appartment Kaushalaya Park Sona Appartment, Laxman Public School Hauz Khas, Police Colony Hauz Khas, office Pwd Hauz Khas Eng office Pwd Hauz Khas, Sidh Yog Mandir Police Cly Hauz Khas,
    STC Colony Block-B , Stc Colony, Block-C , Stc Colony, Block-D, Stc Colony,
    Uday Park Uday Park, T Stall Uday Park,
    Yusuf Srai & Green Park Extension Yusuf Sarai Village, Block-A Green Park Extension, Block-B Green Park Extention, Block-D Green Park Extn, Block-E Green Park Extn, Block-N Green Park Extn
    Last Updated : March 15, 2015
    Delhi Assembly Constituencies
    Adarsh NagarHari NagarMoti NagarSadar Bazar
    Ambedkar NagarJanakpuriMundkaSangam Vihar
    BadarpurKalkajiNajafgarhSeema Puri
    BadliKarawal NagarNangloi JatShahdara
    BallimaranKarol BaghNarelaShakur Basti
    BawanaKasturba NagarNew DelhiShalimar Bagh
    BijwasanKirariOkhlaSultanpur Majra
    BurariKondliPalamTilak Nagar
    Chandni ChowkKrishna NagarPatel NagarTimarpur
    ChhatarpurLaxmi NagarPatparganjTrilokpuri
    Delhi CanttMadipurRajendra NagarTri Nagar
    DeoliMalviya NagarRajouri GardenTughlakabad
    DwarkaMangolpuriRithalaUttam Nagar
    Gandhi NagarMatialaRkpuramVikaspuri
    GhondaMatia MahalRohiniVishwas Nagar
    GokalpurMehrauliRohtas NagarWazirpur
    Greater KailashModel Town 
    Delhi Polling Booths
    Adarsh NagarHarinagarMoti NagarSadar Bazar
    Ambedkar NagarJanakpuriMundkaSangam Vihar
    BadliKarawalnagarNangloi JatShahdara
    BallimaranKarol BaghNarelaShakur Basti
    BawanaKasturba NagarNew DelhiShalimar Bagh
    BijwasanKirariOkhlaSultanpur Majara
    BurariKondliPalamTilak Nagar
    Chandni ChowkKrishna NagarPatel NagarTimarpur
    ChhatarpurLaxmi NagarPatparganjTrilokpuri
    Delhi CanttMadipurRajendra NagarTrinagar
    DeoliMalviya NagarRajouri GardenTughlakabad
    DwarkaMangolpuriRithalaUttam Nagar
    Gandhi NagarMatialaR K PuramVikaspuri
    GhondaMatia MahalRohiniVishwas Nagar
    GokalpurMehrauliRohtash NagarWazirpur
    Greater KailashModel Town