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    World Map / China Map / Airports in China / Airports in Foshan, China

    List of Airports in Foshan(China)

    Foshan Ferry Airport in Foshan

    Map Showing the location of Foshan Ferry Airport, Foshan. Click on the marker for Information about Foshan Ferry Airport - its Country, Country Code, Airport Code.

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    Table shows the List of Airports in China along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in China

    CityAirportAirport Code
    Chengdu Shuangliu Airport CTU
    Jining Jining Airport JNG
    Liping City Liping Airport HZH
    Changsha Huanghua International Airport HHA
    Kuqa Kuqa Airport KCA
    Fuzhou Fuzhou Airport FOC
    Changde Changde Airport CGD
    Zhuhai Zhuhai Airport ZUH
    Hotan Hotan Airport HTN
    Xiangfan Xiangfan Airport XFN
    Luoyang Luoyang Airport LYA
    Anyang Anyang Airport AYN
    Shanghai Pu Dong Airport PVG
    Tianjin Econ Tech Dev Area Airport XTA
    Wuzhou Changzhoudao Airport WUZ
    Baoshan Baoshan Airport BSD
    Yuanmou Yuanmou Airport YUA
    Xingning Xingning Airport XIN
    Korla Korla Airport KRL
    Xi An Xianyang Airport XIY
    Enshi Enshi Airport ENH
    Xuzhou Xuzhou Airport XUZ
    Guangzhou Baiyun Airport CAN
    Dalian Dalian Airport DLC
    Zunyi Zunyi Airport ZYI
    Fuoshan Fuoshan Airport FUO
    Lijiang City Lijiang Airport LJG
    Anshan Anshan Airport AOG
    Yilan Yilan Airport YLN
    Shanshan Shanshan Airport SXJ
    Song Pan Jiu Zhai Huang Long Airport JZH
    Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport ZGC
    Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Airport CGO
    Chifeng Chifeng Airport CIF
    Tunxi Tunxi Airport TXN
    Hohhot Hohhot Airport HET
    Qiemo Qiemo Airport IQM
    Lushan Lushan Airport LUZ
    Shijiazhuang Daguocun Airport SJW
    Yichang Yichang Airport YIH
    Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Airport XTF
    Weihai Weihai Airport WEH
    Dandong Dandong Airport DDG
    Pan Yu Pan Yu Ferry Airport ZAX
    Xiamen Xiamen Airport XMN
    Diqing Diqing Airport DIG
    Yinchuan Yinchuan Airport INC
    Jingdezhen Jingdezhen Airport JDZ
    Wuxi Wuxi Airport WUX
    Anqing Anqing Airport AQG
    Fuyang Fuyang Airport FUG
    Jiayuguan Jiayuguan Airport JGN
    Aksu Aksu Airport AKU
    Shashi Shashi Airport SHS
    Lianyungang Lianyungang Airport LYG
    Wuhan Tianhe International Airport WUH
    Jilin Jilin Airport JIL
    Xilinhot Xilinhot Airport XIL
    Hangzhou Hangzhou Airport HGH
    Huangyan Huangyan Airport HYN
    Longyan Liancheng Airport LCX
    Guanghan Guanghan Airport GHN
    Xin Hui Xin Hui Ferry Airport ZBZ
    Urumqi Urumqi Airport URC
    Changhai Changhai Airport CNI
    Beijing Nanyuan Airport NAY
    Altay Altay Airport AAT
    She Kou She Kou Ferry Airport ZCU
    Xi An Xiguan Airport SIA
    Golmud Golmud Airport GOQ
    Jiang Men Jiang Men Ferry Airport ZBD
    Huizhou Huizhou Airport HUZ
    Wanxian Wanxian Airport WXN
    Jinghong Gasa Airport JHG
    Shanzhou Shanzhou Airport SZO
    Dunhuang Dunhuang Airport DNH
    Lincang Lincang Airport LNJ
    Dayong Dayong Airport DYG
    Ulanhot Ulanhot Airport HLH
    Shantou Shantou Airport SWA
    Luogang Shanghai Airport HFE
    Changsha Changsha Airport CSX
    Tianjin Tianjin Binhai International Airport TSN
    Peng Lai Peng Lai Sha He Kou Airport PNJ
    Juzhou Juzhou Airport JUZ
    Jiuquan Jiuhuang Airport CHW
    Wenzhou Wenzhou Airport WNZ
    Xingyi Xingyi Airport ACX
    Zhi Jiang Zhi Jiang Airport HJJ
    Linxi Linxi Airport LXI
    Jiamusi Jiamusi Airport JMU
    Liangping Liangping Airport LIA
    Ningbo Lishe International Airport NGB
    Lanzhou Lanzhoudong Airport LZD
    Zhaotong Zhaotong Airport ZAT
    Linyi Linyi Airport LYI
    Kunming Kunming Airport KMG
    Yantai Yantai Airport YNT
    Shanhaiguan Shanhaiguan Airport SHF
    Yanji Yanji Airport YNJ
    Dongguan Dongguan Airport DGM
    Foshan Foshan Ferry Airport ZCP
    Wu Hai Wu Hai Airport WUA
    Heihe Heihe Airport HEK
    Datong Datong Airport DAT
    Dali City Dali Airport DLU
    Meixian Meixian Airport MXZ
    Dongying Dongying Airport DOY
    Bengbu Bengbu Airport BFU
    Xingcheng Xingcheng Airport XEN
    Rugao Rugao Airport RUG
    Yulin Yulin Airport UYN
    Pan Zhi Hua Pan Zhi Hua Bao An Ying Airport PZI
    Guanghua Guanghua Airport LHK
    Guang Yuan Guang Yuan Airport GYS
    Jinan Jinan Airport TNA
    Yiwu Yiwu Airport YIW
    Chaoyang Chaoyang Airport CHG
    Shanghai Hongqiao Airport SHA
    Yining Yining Airport YIN
    Liuzhou Liuzhou Airport LZH
    Shenzhen Shenzhen Airport SZX
    Shaoguan Shaoguan Airport HSC
    Mian Yang Mian Yang Airport MIG
    Zhoushan Zhoushan Airport HSN
    Tacheng Tacheng Airport TCG
    Ankang Ankang Airport AKA
    Huangpu Huangpu Harbour Airport ZMY
    Sanya Fenghuang International Phoenix International Airport SYX
    Manzhouli Manzhouli Airport NZH
    Kashi Kashi Airport KHG
    Xichang Xichang Airport XIC
    Mudanjiang Mudanjiang Airport MDG
    Changzhou Changzhou Airport CZX
    Yun Cheng Yun Cheng Airport YCU
    Luxi Mangshi Airport LUM
    Qingdao Qingdao Airport TAO
    Lanzhou Lanzhou Airport LHW
    Tonghua Tonghua Liuhe Airport TNH
    An Shun An Shun Huang Guo Shu Airport AVA
    Zhanjiang Zhanjiang Airport ZHA
    Shenyang Shenyang Airport SHE
    Lianhuashan Lianhuashan Port Airport ZIY
    Qinhuangdao Qinhuangdao Airport SHP
    Xingtai Xingtai Airport XNT
    Fuyun Fuyun Airport FYN
    Wuyishan Wuyishan Airport WUS
    Qiqihar Qiqihar Airport NDG
    Karamay Karamay Airport KRY
    Humen Humen Port Airport ZTI
    Tai Shan Tai Shan Airport ZCA
    Chongqing Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport CKG
    Hami Hami Airport HMI
    Wuhu Wuhu Airport WHU
    Dongsheng Dongsheng Airport DSN
    Tongren Tongren Airport TEN
    Weifang Weifang Airport WEF
    Baotou Baotou Airport BAV
    Suzhou Suzhou Airport SZV
    Bangda Bangda Airport BPX
    Guilin Guilin Airport KWL
    Dazu Dazu Airport DZU
    Harbin Harbin Airport HRB
    Jiujiang Jiujiang Airport JIU
    Sui Fen He Sui Fen He Airport FUD
    Ganzhou Ganzhou Airport KOW
    Xining Xining Airport XNN
    Guiyang Guiyang Airport KWE
    LingLing LingLing Airport LLF
    Shunde Shunde Ferry Airport ZAS
    Gonggar Gonggar Lhasa Airport LXA
    Hailar Hailar Airport HLD
    Yibin Yibin Airport YBP
    Haikou Haikou Airport HAK
    Hanzhong Hanzhong Airport HZG
    Hengyang Hengyang Airport HNY
    Changchun Changchun Airport CGQ
    Changzhi Changzhi Airport CIH
    Taiyuan Taiyuan Airport TYN
    Luzhou Luzhou Airport LZO
    Ji An Ji An Jing Gang Shan Airport JGS
    Lin Zhi Nyingchi Airport LZY
    Beihai Beihai Airport BHY
    Qingyang Qingyang Airport IQN
    Yancheng Yancheng Airport YNZ
    Jinzhou Jinzhou Airport JNZ
    Simao Simao Airport SYM
    Daxian Daxian Airport DAX
    Tongliao Tongliao Airport TGO
    Jinjiang Jinjiang Airport JJN