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    World Map / Burkina Faso Map / Airports in Burkina Faso / Sebba Airport in Burkina Faso

    Sebba Airport, Burkina Faso

    Information about Sebba Airport in Burkina Faso

    CountryBurkina Faso Country CodeBF
    AirportSebba AirportAirport CodeXSE

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    Sebba Airport in Burkina Faso

    Map Showing the location of Sebba Airport in Burkina Faso along with its City, Country, Country Code, Airport Code. Mouse over on marker for Information about Sebba Airport.

    Burkina Faso Airports

    Table shows the List of Airports in Burkina Faso along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in Burkina Faso

    AirportAirport CodeCity
    Zabre AirportXZAZabre
    Fada Ngourma AirportFNGFada Ngourma
    Diapaga AirportDIPDiapaga
    Tougan AirportTUQTougan
    Djibo AirportXDJDjibo
    Gaoua AirportXGAGaoua
    Dori AirportDORDori
    Bogande AirportXBGBogande
    Tambao AirportTMQTambao
    Ouahigouya AirportOUGOuahigouya
    Gorom Gorom AirportXGGGorom Gorom
    Arly AirportARLArly
    Po AirportPUPPo
    Pama AirportXPAPama
    Nouna AirportXNUNouna
    Dedougou AirportDGUDedougou
    Tenkodogo AirportTEGTenkodogo
    Sebba AirportXSESebba
    Aribinda AirportXARAribinda
    Kaya AirportXKYKaya
    Ouagadougou AirportOUAOuagadougou
    Banfora AirportBNRBanfora
    Diebougou AirportXDEDiebougou
    Boulsa AirportXBOBoulsa
    Leo AirportXLULeo
    Kantchari AirportXKAKantchari
    Borgo AirportBOYBobo Dioulasso