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    RAF Airport(LRC), Germany

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    Airports in Germany

    Map Showing the locations of LRC Airport (Germany) along with its Country Code. Below is List of Airports in Germany along with city and airport code.

    List of Airports in Germany

    CityAirportAirport Code
    Leipzig Halle Halle Airport LEJ
    Munich Augsburg Muehlhausen Airport AGB
    Chemnitz Chemnitz Railway Stn Airport ZTZ
    Cuxhaven Cuxhaven Nordholz Airport FCN
    Hahn Frankfurt Hahn Airport HHN
    Schleswig jagel Schleswig jagel Airport WBG
    St Peter St Peter Airport PSH
    Riesa Riesa Airport IES
    Nordholz Spieka Cuxhaven Airport NDZ
    Gotha Gotha Railway Airport ZGO
    Neumuenster Neumuenster Airport EUM
    Borkum Borkum Airport BMK
    Hof Hof Airport HOQ
    Spangdahlem Spangdahlem Airport SPM
    Heringsdorf Heringsdorf Airport HDF
    Baltrum Island Baltrum Airport BMR
    Gera Gera Railway Airport ZGA
    Guetersloh Guetersloh Airport GUT
    Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt Oder Railway Airport ZFR
    Hanover Messe BF Railway Servi Airport ZVM
    Barth Barth Airport BBH
    Frankfurt Frankfurt International Airport rhein main Airport FRA
    Berlin Berlin tegel Otto Lilienthal Airport TXL
    Lahr Black Forest Airport LHA
    Goerlitz Goerlitz Railway Airport ZGE
    Fritzlar Fritzlar Airbase Airport FRZ
    Brueggen RAF Airport BGN
    Husum Husum Airport QHU
    Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Karlsruhe Baden Baden Airport FKB
    Rheindahlen Rheindahlen Airport GMY
    Hanover Hanover Arpt Airport HAJ
    Zweibrucken Zweibruecken Airport ZQW
    Fuerstenfeldbruck Fuerstenfeldbruck Airport FEL
    Dresden Dresden Arpt Airport DRS
    Kiel Kiel Holtenau Airport KEL
    Ramstein Ramstein Airport RMS
    Weeze Weeze Airport NRN
    Westerland Westerland Sylt Airport GWT
    Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport MUC
    Wangerooge Flugplatz Airport AGE
    Lemwerder Lemwerder Airport XLW
    Dusseldorf Dusseldorf International Airport rhein ruhr Airport DUS
    Wildenrath Wildenrath Airport WID
    Hanover Hanover Railway Airport ZVR
    Boeblingen Boeblingen Airport PHM
    Greven North Rhine Westphalia Munster Osnabruck International Airport FMO
    Cottbus Cottbus Railway Stn Airport ZTT
    Oberpfaffenhofen Oberpfaffenhofen Airport OBF
    Mannheim Mannheim Arpt Airport MHG
    Braunschweig Braunschweig Airport BWE
    Flensburg Schaferhaus Airport FLF
    Aachen Aachen Merzbruck Airport AAH
    Heidelberg Heidelberg Airport HDB
    Erfurt Erfurt Airport ERF
    Saarbruecken Ensheim Airport SCN
    Sembach Sembach Airport SEX
    Frankfurt Neu Isenburg Airport QGV
    Berlin Raf Gatow no longer in operation Airport GWW
    Varrelbusch Varrelbusch Airport VAC
    Berlin Berlin Metropolitan Area Airport BER
    Guettin Guettin Airport GTI
    Helgoland Helgoland Airport HGL
    Bremerhaven Bremerhaven Airport BRV
    Siegen Siegerland Airport SGE
    Cologne Cologne bonn Airport CGN
    Cochstedt Cochstedt Airport CSO
    Bielefeld Bielefeld Airport BFE
    Burg Feuerstein Burg Feuerstein Airport URD
    Norderney Norderney Airport NRD
    Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport XFW
    Aue Sachsen Railway Stn Airport ZAU
    Geilenkirchen Geilenkirchen Airport GKE
    Altenburg Altenburg Nobitz Airport AOC
    Heide Buesum Heide Buesum Airport HEI
    Moenchengladbach Moenchen gl Dus Exp Airport MGL
    Hamburg Hamburg Airport HAM
    Bitburg Bitburg Air Base Airport BBJ
    Essen Essen Airport ESS
    Dortmund Dortmund Airport DTM
    Laarbruch RAF Airport LRC
    Neubrandenburg Neubrandenburg Airport FNB
    Wiesbaden Air Base Airport WIE
    Norddeich Norddeich Airport NOE
    Fictitious Point/AA2 GermanRail Pass Airport ZGZ
    Koethen Koethen Airport KOQ
    Illisheim Illis Airbase Airport ILH
    Stuttgart Stuttgart Echterdingen Airport STR
    Lübeck Lubeck Blankensee Airport LBC
    Nurnberg Nurnberg Airport NUE
    Halle Halle Railway Airport ZHZ
    Rostock laage Laage Airport RLG
    Bremen Bremen Airport BRE
    Rail (Generic) Off line Point Airport XZE
    Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern Airport KLT
    Kassel Kassel Calden Airport KSF
    Ingolstadt manching Ingolstadt manching Airport IGS
    Wilhelmshaven Wilhelmshaven Airport WVN
    Paderborn Paderborn lippstadt Airport PAD
    Peenemuende Peenemuende Airport PEF
    Jena Jena Railway Airport ZJS
    Juist Juist Airport JUI
    Kitzingen Kitzingen Airport KZG
    Emden Emden Airport EME
    Langeoog Langeoog Airport LGO
    Norden Norden Airport NOD
    Bamberg Breitenau AAF Airport ZCD
    Giebelstadt Giebelstadt Airport GHF
    Frankfurt Rhein main Afb Airport FRF
    Berlin Berlin Schoenefeld Airport SXF
    Friedrichshafen Friedrichshafen Airport FDH
    Wyk Auf Foehr Wyk Auf Foehr Airport OHR
    Greifswald Greifswald Railway Airport ZGW
    Schwerin Parchim Airport SZW
    Dessau Dessau Railway Stn Airport ZSU
    Memmingen Memmingen Allgau Airport FMM
    Straubing Wallmuhle Airport RBM
    Eisenach Eisenach Airport EIB
    Bayreuth Bindlacher Berg Airport BYU
    Cottbus Cottbus Airport CBU
    Berlin Tempelhof Airport THF
    Rechlin Rechlin Airport REB
    Dusseldorf Station Airport QDU